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I love Paris in the springtime!  And the rest of the year as well.  What I didn't like about Paris were the postage- stamp sized hotel rooms with outsized prices.  This is especially daunting when you travel with family and friends, needing two, three, or more rooms.

Our apartment on the rue Monge may be just what you need.  Centrally located in the Left Bank's Latin Quarter, this three-bedroom, two-bath apartment sleeps up to 7 adults and is perfect for a family or even two couples and their children.

The apartment is literally steps away from the Metro, from the lively and popular rue Moufftard, from food shops and the Place Monge market.  The Luxembourg Gardens are nearby, as is the Pantheon and the Sorbonne.  A ten-minute walk will bring you to the Seine and Notre Dame.

This large (80 m2 or 720 sq. ft) apartment features a modern kitchen, two large bedrooms (as well as a small one), an American-style bathroom with tub, and a huge front living room/dining room.  

Recently remodeled, this non-smoking apartment features the best of old Paris and the best of the new: antique furniture, but a brand-new kitchen and bathrooms.

Our rue Monge apartment is available for rentals of as short as a week and as long as three months.

Explore the photos and floorplan of the site, and contact us for reservations or more information.

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